Wayne Imber Home Page IMPORTANT MESSAGE FROM WAYNE IMBER:  INCORRECT INTERNET INFORMATION To each of us, our good name and reputation is of the  utmost importance.  Since the advent of the internet,  information about virtually any individual or company  can be readily found by searching online, with the  presumption that there is some accuracy, an often  incorrect postulate.  Each of our corporate clients, most  major companies, and our competitors have, at one time  or other, been the subject of regulatory, legal, or  reputational scrutiny. Under the Wayne Imber name search, you will see  certain information that is currently incorrect.  Wayne  Imber is presently in good standing with the Department  of Health and Human Services, and the Office of  Personnel Management.  His medical license is active in  both states in which he has previously practiced and in  which he has elected to renew (including the state  mentioned in outdated Wayne Imber name search  documents online), while both Board certifications have  always been, and continue to be in good standing.  Part  of his training was done at the Mayo Clinic, and he has  several publications in peer reviewed journals within his  specialty fields.  We work in competitive times, and certain industry  competitors have previously, and presently continue to  misconstrue information in an improper manner within  the consulting field in which we work.  They will  hopefully come to realize that this is an unworthy and  unprofessional pursuit.  Our past and present clients  know that we provide only the highest level of service  and professionalism, and that, as a leader in our  industry, we will continue to do so for years to come. © Copyright Wayne Imber, 2014.