Extraordinary Architecture Combined with the Serenity of the Midtown Limmat River Paint a Welcoming Picture of This Historic Venue
Wayne Imber in Zurich, Switzerland Wayne Imber traveled by train from a nearby town, an expedient mode of sightseeing. Wayne Imber met many friendly, wonderful people on his journey to Zurich
Wayne Imber in Zurich Switzerland Evaluating transportation alternatives, as Wayne Imber and others await their trip to yet another adventure
Wayne Imber in Zurich, Switzerland Fraumünster Abbey (13th to 15th century) with windows painted by Marc Chagall (1887-1985), Wayne Imber visit to Zurich Wayne Imber in Zurich, Switzerland Zurich Overview.Wayne Imber visit Wayne Imber, Zurich See- Lake Zurich  
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Wayne Imber in Zurich, Switzerland Wayne Imber, picture taken from the tour boat of contemporary architecture in central Zurich  
Wayne Imber enjoys world travel, exploring new frontiers, and meeting new friends.  "I am fascinated with architectural design, old and new, from the historic European cities such as Zurich, Athens, Rome, Venice, London, and Vienna" said Wayne Imber. "The attention to detail and hand carved components add intricacy and interest to a building’s facade in keeping with its environment.  The Europeans are rather different from Americans, with many and varied cultures evidencing past and present historical metamophosis and victories over the ages...” said Wayne Imber.  Global travel is one of Wayne Imber’s avid interests and pursuits.
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